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House of Ick

Currently I am living in a House of Ick.....the 3 Blondies have had a stomach virus...Blondie #1 got it first and she was sick for over a week....Blondie #3 woke up puking this morning and Blondie #2 threw up before lunch. Good times.... I can't tell if I'm just grossed out by the yuckiness or if I'm coming down with it now too. Probably the latter, unfortunately. Needless to say, I won't be getting much work done today. Cleaning up after 3 little ones is exhausting enough when you're completely healthy, it's pretty awful when you're sick! So I think chicken noodle soup and a movie day for the kiddos is in order. I'll be spending the day reading Falling for Hadie by Komal Lewis. See? There is always a bright side!

5 Random Facts

I thought it would be kind of fun to share 5 random facts about LARK with you! 1 ) My main character shares her name and appearance with my youngest daughter (as far as hair and eye coloring). There is even a line in Lark that my Real Mia has actually said before: "I'm just sneaky like that"--she's 4years old people! Out of my 3 children, Mia is the only one without a "family" name for her middle name. I don't know why, but I kinda felt bad about that so I decided to use her name for my main character. She loves it and she refers to Lark as "her" book. 2) I started writing Lark early in the morning on February 22nd...I know this, because I blogged about it . I wrote 15,000 words that first week....I'm glad I blogged about that because I didn't remember that fact at all and that's pretty cool! Funnny how I thought I was about half-way done writing it at that point--oh how naive I was! 3) I finished my first draft of Lark on

Paperback cover

I was so excited to get the paperback cover and upload it that I forgot to share it with you! Eden Crane is wonderful to work with! I highly recommend her to anybody looking for a cover artist.

Happy Valentine's Day!

My husband bought my book as a Valentine's Day gift to me! LOL  (I also got a GIANT box of chocolates like I asked.) I haven't put it down since I opened up the package. It doesn't even seem real. I just look at it and think "Wow, I wrote a freakin' novel!" I think I will probably do something embarrassing like carry it around with me for the next week or so just so I can show everybody! I am working on book 2 already as well as finishing up a contemporary romance I started last fall but with my husband's upcoming deployment, life is a little chaotic right now. I love that people are anxious for the next book but I hope you can be patient with me as we face this transition and adapt to all the changes it will bring about. Much love to you all!

The Day After Thoughts

Technically Lark was released on February 5 but because most of us are asleep in the  middle of the night, nobody knew about it until yesterday morning. So I'm counting today as the day after release day. Komal posted on my Facebook wall that I had broken into the top 5k last night! And while Lark is currently sitting at #6,774, it's still exciting to be in the top 10k after one day and being an indie book with no professional "compaigning" or anything. Currently, it's only available on Kindle but at some point this weekend it should be up on Barnes and Noble. I'm not really sure why they take so much longer to process than Amazon but they do (Amazon takes 12 hours, B&N says up to 72 hours!). I also received my mock up for my paperback cover and hope to have that available early next week (if not this weekend!). I've been obsessively checking to see if anyone has posted reviews yet. I kind of had to laugh at myself because it's not like everyb