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An Interview and a Giveaway!

Hi ya'll! The fabulous Michelle Flick interviewed me and is having a giveaway of LARK! Go check it out here ! While you are over there check out her novel THE OWENS LEGACY: REVELATIONS ! I do believe the sequel will be out sometime this year! Okay, back to work I go!

The Next Big Thing Blog Hop

So I am a total slacker and didn't realize today was Wednesday until I woke up this morning. Whoops! Otherwise I would have had this completely finished and ready to go but nevertheless. Here it is: Welcome to this blog hop. What is a blog hop? Basically, it’s a way that readers can discover new authors, because with bookstores closing and publishers not promoting new authors as much, we need to find a way to introduce readers to authors they may not see in their local bookstore. Here you have the chance to find many new authors. Here you’ll find information about me, my book and what I’m working on now Also see links below to other authors you might like to check out. I’d like to thank fellow author Komal Kant  for tagging me to participate. You can see her Blog Hop post here . In this particular hop, my fellow authors and I, in their respective blogs, have answered 10 questions where you get to learn about our books or our current work in progress as well as some insights