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Book Signing!

So I'm beyond excited to tell you that I will be having a book signing! It's a local signing in the nearby town of Webb City, MO at Minerva's on Main street. My friend Mary actually talked to the owner about it last month and then my husband delivers there and he also talked to the owner so I knew it was a possibilty but nothing was set yet. So today while the girls were in ballet, I decided to swing in for a drink (PS I got the Espresso Milkshake and it was a little piece of Heaven. Just sayin'. You must try it!). On a whim I decided to ask the girl making my drink if Tom was in and he was! So I introduced myself and asked him about the possibility of doing a book signing there. I let him read the blurb of Lark and he was interested! He gave me his wife's number, and this evening we set a date and time! June 8th from 11am-1pm! I'll post more details when it gets closer but if you can, mark your calendars and come see me!  

Bonus scene from Lark (In Grey's POV!)

(Note: This scene takes place after Mia has been taken to the Underworld by Brian and Jacoby) How am I supposed to tell him that I lost his only daughter? How could I have made such a reproachable error? This is utterly my fault. I have no one to blame but myself. I never should’ve let it go this far. I knew, I know , she is off-limits to me. I should’ve known better than to let my feelings for her distract me from my task. My feet feel as though I’m trapped in cement as I cannot force myself to take another step. What am I going to say to him? After everything Alberico has done for me, this is how I repay him? By falling in love with his daughter to the point where all logic ceases to exist and I only exist… for her ? I pound the stone wall with my fist in frustration. I will never forgive myself. But I know I cannot delay any longer. No matter what fate awaits me once Alberico knows the truth, I have to hurry.   I have to find a way to get to her. I take a deep, jagged

Missing In Action

Sorry I've been so MIA lately! My husband shredded his ACL and tore his meniscus about a week ago. He had surgery yesterday and though he is still in pain,  the road to recovery has begun! While in the waiting room I started reading Tammy Blackwell's All We See and Seem and it's soooo good so far! I'll be finishing it today and will post my review whenever Tammy says I can. :) If you guys haven't read her Timber Wolves triogy yet you should definitely check them out. They are great! Also author Elle Casey totally shared my book on her Facebook page! Isn't that so nice? I hope she likes it! Well, I'm going to finish Tammy's novella and then my goal is to write another chapter for Lark #2 today so I better get busy! Much Love,

Just for fun....

As ya'll know, I was in the middle of writing a contemporary romance before deciding to put it on hold and concentrate on the sequel to Lark (due to popular demand! LOL I still can't really wrap my head around the fact that there are people who are WAITING for my next book. It's surreal! I like it!). Anyway,  It's about a girl who doesn't really know who she is after her long-term boyfriend breaks up with her and a guy who is so wrong for her, he might be just what she needs. It's tentatively called Fall Into Me  (but I titled it that before all the other Fall, Fallen, Falling books came out this year so now I'm considering changing it but once something gets stuck in my head, it's hard to change. I'm stubborn like that, so it will probably stay the same). Even though I'm only about 3/4 of the way through writing it, I thought I might start throwing out some random quotes for ya'll just for fun!           I'm hoping to have it finis

Change of Plans

After I released Lark, I was planning on finishing up a contemporary romance (Fall into Me) I started while Lark was being edited and release that this summer and then focus on Lark #2. But lately, I've been missing Mia, Jacoby and Grey so I'm thinking now I might want to put Fall into Me on hold and focus on the sequel to Lark. My goal for this week is to fine-tune my outline. I had a very detailed outline before I started writing the first book and I wrote it in 3 months so obviously outlines work really well for me! LOL I know that some authors can write much quicker than that but for me, since my free time is so limited, I think it's pretty darn good. I started some character development for a new story I'd like to write as well but it's going to have to sit in the back of my head (and in a folder in my Dropbox) for now..... So many ideas and not nearly enough time in the day. Maybe one day I'll be able to just write full time? A girl can dream... Anyw