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Teaser Tuesday!

Unedited of course...... “ You know, I wouldn't be opposed to being with you here, alone. I was just under the impression that's the last thing you wanted.” “You can't know what I want.” “And why is that?” “Because I'm not really sure myself,” I admit quietly. He reaches out tucks a wayward strain of my hair back behind my ear. The small gesture sends shivers down my spine and my breath catches in my chest—which he notices immediately. “That's not true.” “What do you mean that's not true?” I snap. “You know exactly what you want. You're just too afraid to admit it.” “You don't know anything.” “Perhaps, but I know your heart.” Like the Dawn...  coming SOON


Sorry for being such a slacker blogger! Actually I've kinda been a slacker when it comes to all social media lately. :/ I'm still working on Like the Dawn. It's been a much slower process this time around because not only did both my #1 editor and my #2 editor lose family members recently, I had an abnormal scan last Tuesday (my first annual scan post cancer and it's abnormal--boo!), so I've been a little stressed out about that. I had a biopsy done yesterday and I should hear more by Friday--why do they make us wait so long for results? Anyway, so since Heather and Maya were both unable to start editing right away, I decided to do another read through of my own and I've been adding in some bits and pieces as I go so it's taking me a while to get through it. My goal is to finish my read through by Friday (shooting for earlier) and send it to both of them this weekend. Bad news is: an April release is not likely....good news is: it's almost May and it WIL