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Paper Flowers Giveaway!

To celebrate the release of PAPER FLOWERS, I've put together a little goody basket with a signed copy of PAPER FLOWERS, some author swag and other fun stuff that will make a whole lot more sense when you've read the book! :) There are several ways you can enter to win and a randomly selected winner will be announced on January 30th! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Paper Flowers

It all started as a game—a game I never lost. Cami Andrews is a girl on a mission. She’s a girl with a plan. A three-step plan, to be exact, and it hasn’t failed her yet. Her best friend Oliver doesn’t approve of the games she plays. He is a boy unwaveringly loyal. Loyal to a fault, but his patience is running thin.   When Cami sees Peyton Holmes for the first time she knows that she wants him to be her next conquest, and when Cami sets her sights on something, she never fails. Not in life and certainly not in love. She always gets what she wants, even if she has to adjust her personality a little in the process. It might test her friendship with Oliver, but that’s a chance she’s willing to take. Unfortunately, Peyton isn’t like any other guy she’s encountered before and getting him to fall for her is far more challenging than she ever expected. Has she lost her touch or is Peyton just immune to her charms? And is she willing to lose the friendship

Paper Flowers is coming soon!

I know it's been a while but I haven't been a total slacker because I have a new book coming out! To make up for my long unexcused absence here's a little sneak peek!         Peyton had asked for his food to go so I scrambled to come up with something to keep him here just little bit longer.         “You’re in my first hour, right?” I asked with a coy smile, like I didn’t already have his entire schedule memorized.         I also already knew his middle name (Thomas), birthdate (April 11th), and his mother’s mai den name (Petree), but he didn’t need to know that because if he did, he’d probably think I was some sort of stalker. In reality I just took researching my conquests very seriously.          “Um, yeah. You’re, uh, Cami?” He remembered my name!         “Yep, that’s me. The one and only.” That was a little awkward. Recover, recover!         He smiled. He had really nice teeth. Straight and white. Good dental hygiene is very important.         “I’m Peyton.