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Hello! Long time no posts, am I right? I think we have established by now that I am not the most consistent blogger. I try I swear! Okay, so CHASING POLARIS releases NEXT WEEK! In 6 days to be exact and I'm super pumped! I figured I'd give you a little background on it before you dived in Tuesday. 1) YES, the main character Seth Cavanaugh should be familiar to any of you who have read The Bright Effect! 2) YES you will get to (briefly) see Amelia and Bash. 3) Imogen is a sassy ballerina from Gainesville Florida. 4) The entire book takes place Friday-Sunday. 5) The premise of the book is two strangers who team up in a photo scavenger hunt contest to win backstage passes and concert tickets. Chasing Polaris is now available to preorder (click here )!