Missing In Action

Sorry I've been so MIA lately! My husband shredded his ACL and tore his meniscus about a week ago. He had surgery yesterday and though he is still in pain,  the road to recovery has begun!

While in the waiting room I started reading Tammy Blackwell's All We See and Seem and it's soooo good so far! I'll be finishing it today and will post my review whenever Tammy says I can. :)
If you guys haven't read her Timber Wolves triogy yet you should definitely check them out. They are great!

Also author Elle Casey totally shared my book on her Facebook page! Isn't that so nice? I hope she likes it!

Well, I'm going to finish Tammy's novella and then my goal is to write another chapter for Lark #2 today so I better get busy!

Much Love,


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