Downton Abbey, "In the Shadows" Progress and my Thyroid

Hey folks! How's that for a title? LOL

First, I freaking LOVE Downton Abbey. I started it this weekend and watched seasons 1 and 2. Season 3 isn't availble online any more unless I buy it and I'm sorta cheap so I'm going to check the library first. But if I have to wait too long I'll have to give in and pay Amazon $1.99 an episode. As much as I love Amazon (hello! They sell my books!) I'm pretty disappointed that they bought the rights to Downton Abbey. It won't be available on Netflix at all after July 1st. I know, I know. Sad story.
But seriously, the ending of the last episode of season 2 was amazing! I heart Matthew! I can't wait to see what happens next!
Anyway, I made some progress with In the Shadows (like doubled my current word count progress! Wahoo!). If I continue at this pace I think it will definitely be possible to have a first draft finished in June. My original goal was to have it written by June 1st then my husband decided to act like a teenager and shred his ACL to bits. He's recovering nicely but it sorta put a wrench in things. Then of course just a week after that my brother ended up in the ER requiring not one but FOUR blood transfusions. He's also doing much better.
Unforunately now I'm the one falling to pieces. I've been having issues with my thyroid since last fall. No, I'm not hyper or hypo--in fact my thryroid is still functioning quite normally. I just have multiple nodules on both sides which, well, sucks.
Up until July of last year I felt great. I was working on Lark (often staying up to the wee hours of morning) and still feeling like Supermom. Then I started working part time for Families First and I was exhausted all.the.time. I thought it was just because I was working outside the home plus everything else I had been doing and that it was just too much. Come to find out, it wasn't that at all.
I was referred to a surgeon that fall and after an ultrasound and a fine needle biopsy it was determined that I had multiple nodules on both sides of my thyroid and that one was suspicious, though the biopsy was inconclusive.
My doctor opted to put me on medication to see if we could either slow down the growth of the nodules or possibly even shrink them. Unforunately the medicine did not work, the nodules are larger (the suspicious one being significantly larger) so on June 12th I'm having the left side of my thyroid removed, possibly the entire thing depending on how bad it is.
Sooooooooooooooooo long story short, my goal is to finish the first draft by June 12th. Right now I have the beginning, the end and part of the middle written. :) I wrote Lark straight from the beginning to the end but this time I'm sort of jumping around. I guess I'm just experimenting. See, with Lark when I would get stuck I would stop writing all together. It took me three months to finish that first draft. I'm hoping jumping to the "good parts" and filling in the rest afterwards will keep me going at a quicker pace this time around. We'll see how it goes.
Well, that's all I've got for you! I'm going to take a nice hot bubble bath then hope to get some writing done before bed. Blondie #1 has two more days of school left and then it's summer break! Which means I can start staying up late again and not have to worry about waking up late the next morning and missing her school bus! :)
Good night!


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