Like the Dawn: 3 Fun Facts

1. When I originally was outlining Like the Dawn, Klaus and Hugo were originally Kristoff and Hans. If you have small children and/or are a Disney fanatic (or both like me!), you might recognize those names. 
(For those of you without children or a particular fondness for Disney, Google the movie FROZEN) I ultimately decided to change their names since I already had an Elsa in there and that was just too much.

2. Without revealing any spoilers...the ending was how I envisioned the series ending when I first thought of it BUT at some point while writing In the Shadows, I almost second-guessed myself and considered writing a completely different ending. Ultimately, I went with my original plan....though I did toy with the idea of writing out the alternative ending and letting readers choose which version they wanted to read. LOL But that seemed pretty complicated.

3.Some of my google searches while writing Like the Dawn included:

* How to win a sword fight
* How to correctly punch someone
* Boudoir
* Secret passageways
* Scandinavian dances


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