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December is coming to an end--I know I'm surprised how quickly that happened too. :) We had an amazing Christmas despite the fact my children seemed to have missed the memo that you're supposed to get along with each other on Christmas. They argued and bickered just like any other day. At least they are consistent, right?
Last month was CrAzY! Autumn and I released THE BRIGHT EFFECT and we are so thrilled with the feedback we've received so far!
I took a little break from writing due to the holidays but even my breaks are never true breaks because even when I'm not writing, I'm thinking about writing and my characters and everything that I WANT to write. In fact, Autumn and I have already planned at least 3 more books in set in the world of The Bright Effect. Don't worry, I AM still working on Nightingale. It's just a slow process because I want to get it right! I'm still planning on releasing it in 2016.

Speaking of 2016....I saw a post on Facebook earlier about "Word of the Year" and how some people pick a word to inspire and motivate them instead of the usual New Years Resolutions. I've never done this before but it sounded like fun so I've been thinking about what I want my word to be all day and I think I've decided!


Do you choose a word of the year? Tell me in the comments!


  1. I recently read Steering the Stars and literally just finished The Bright Effect and OMG they are both extremely amazing. I'm actually doing my final project in my young adult lit class on The Bright Effect. I would love love love a sequel. I think it would be amazing. You and Autumn are incredible writers! (:

  2. Hi Julie! Thank you for your comment!
    Autumn and I are currently writing a story for Seth that will take place about 3 years after The Bright Effect BUT you will definitely get a peek at what Bash, Amelia and Carter are up to! It's called Chasing Polaris so be looking for it's release later this year! XOXO

  3. Omg I'm so excited! And thank you so much for responding. It seriously made my day 😊


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