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Indie Mash-up 2013

Hey everybody! I know that pretty much everyone who follows this blog is also on my Facebook Author page BUT I wanted to share a more in-depth post about Mash-up--after all it was my first big author event!

So Thursday, Komal Kant arrived at my house for our photoshoot! We got some really great images but two really stood out as our potential cover for Unfamiliar. Now that Komal has published Wrong Side of Town, we will be starting our little book baby soon!
Checking out the photos

Friday after my husband got off work, we headed down to Arkansas. We're only a little over an hour away so it wasn't that bad of a drive at all but I was really stressed out because our friend Autumn Doughton was having the trip from HELL. Her flight got re-routed mid-flight because two of the generators broke then her flight got cancelled and she thought she was trapped in Nashville. Luckily for her, she was offered a ride. During the road trip however there was another delay because....And I'm dead serious.....a CHICKEN truck flipped over. Yeah. Crazy!

She finally arrived after 1am and even after pretty much NO SLEEP she was still her usual ray of sunshiney self and cracked us up all day with her hilarious stories and wild flailing of her arms while telling said stories. It's no wonder she's such a wonderful writer, that woman has LIVED.  I absolutely adore this lady. I don't think it's possibe to be around her and NOT smile so much your face hurts!

We ate breakfast together and then set up our tables. We all got to sit by eachother which was so fun! I think being there with my friends made me much less nervous than I would've been had I attended by myself.

 Mash-up itself was so much better than my expectations. We had a steady flow of people all day and though I don't think we actually sold a whole lot of books, but we did a lot of book-trading with the other authors which was awesome because now my bookshelf really is well-stocked--in fact, I need a bigger one because I still have a crap-ton of books in my closet and in the garage (only my favorites make 'the shelf'. It's actually a really pathetic bookcase. I'm in desperate need of a bigger one!)

Komal got super sick the day of the signing. I think the combination of jet-lag, allergies from being in a new climate and stress over publishing her latest novel Wrong Side of Town did her in. It was so sad!). She came late and left early but after some much needed rest and medicine she was feeling better in time for the VIP dinner and after party.

Oh the after party. Boy do we have some stories about that!

The male models were um, well, there's really no other word other than DIVAS. They cracked me up!
Yes, they and were obviously putting on a show but still, I couldn't help but crack up when they pulled the "Zoolander" face.

Probably the most ridiculous part of the night was when we were taking a group picture outside in the hallway where the models were getting "ready" and right in front of us one of the models (the one who actually ended up winning the cover contest) lifted up his shirt and was rubbing his abs. Dead freaking serious.
We were like:
"Say what?"
"Is he doing that for us?"
Then we realized there was a MIRROR behind us. The dude was checking himself out in the mirror! It was hilarious! So I couldn't resisit....I had to do this:

It was a lot of fun and we had a great time! Especially watching my husband actually judge the model contest, his face was perfect because it was obvious he was definitely taking his job seriously.
All in all it was a GREAT weekend!

These are the things I've learned for next year:

  • Definitely bring lots of swag because people are more likely to pick up the free stuff then buy your books. Bookmarks, postcards and pens are perfect.
  • 15 copies of each book is probably plenty, but bring extra to exchange with other authors.
  • Don't drink two glasses of wine at dinner when you know you're a light-weight---you'll just end up doing something embarrassing like singing and playing "Cups". True story.
  • Always bring Zach because he's the best assistant ever.

Looking forward to Mash-up 2014!




  1. ummm...I still have the video on my phone....

  2. Congratulations on your first big author event! It looks like it was a lot fun!...Oooh la la, that model guy is HOT! ;-)

  3. The event sounds like it was fun especially all the goodies you can snag. I'm glad you posted about this -- something to look into for myself. A great way for indie authors to connect with each other and new readers.

    1. It was great! You should try to make it next year! Contact Tiffany at This Redhead Loves Books on Facebook!


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